[Bf-funboard] Default Camera Orientation

Doug Ollivier doug at mudpuddle.co.nz
Sat Dec 8 23:08:01 CET 2007

Doug Ollivier wrote:
> There could always be a second camera option in the Add menu if people 
> feel strongly about it.
> Add>Camera to grid
> The same perhaps for Empties/Lamps  (two options in the Add menu, View 
> and Grid align) if they are problematic.
Below is a link to a quick mock-up.


The concept is to introduce a small per object toggle icon to the side 
of the object name so that the default behaviour can be overridden at 
the location the user makes the decision (rather than in a preferences 
area). This also has two more advantages.  Decisions are per object.  
There is less clutter because menus/lists of objects are not duplicated 
in user preferences header.



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