[Bf-funboard] feature request for breakable softbody objects

Kai Kostack kaikostack at gmx.net
Thu Oct 26 05:56:13 CEST 2006

i just want to make a suggestion for more functionality on softbodies. i've asked zaz of the cloth simulation project the same question half a year ago, but since they didn't make much progress and the functionality of softbodies reached a level, that this feature would also be usable here, i have decided to share the idea also with you.

i'm missing an option, which (i think) could be a very interesting for people who want to make more complex physical effects with softbody objects. the idea is to integrate one or two more buttons to the softbody panel, which should control a stress limit for the softbody springs. this limit could be a percentage value for stress or length changes of the springs or edges, which should visible break the mesh if the simulation value of a spring passes the limitation. i think it's not even necessary to change the mesh topology for doing this. you need only to disable the spring and hide the coresponding edge/poly of the mesh if a break occurs. the more advanced way would be to tear the mesh apart into smaller fragments by detaching ripped polygons and mesh fragments.

here are a few examples:

clothreyes videos:

ls-dyna video:

my point is not to fake the tearing or fracturing objects, i would like to see the possibility of a "real" simulation of it.
this functionality doesn't exist in almost every cloth-plugin for any professional 3d-software on the market. it's a shame.
there is only nextlimit's realflow and the max plugin clothreyes by reyes-infografica which have such an option. it's not even possible in maya, neither with maya itself nor with additional packages like syflex.

now my hope lies in blender. :)

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