[Bf-funboard] CAD and technical drawings

patrik at linet.se patrik at linet.se
Wed Oct 25 21:15:42 CEST 2006

My church want to build out our church. My friends went to an architect
and let him sketch up a suggestion.

I decided me to draw it up all in blender. I've gave them some simple
samples of how it could look like when it was finished. This they brought
with when they went to a building-enginener(hope it spell like so), he
said let him make the drawing of the church.

Today I don't see blender as the given application to make drawings in. I
don't want to re-model all things in another application, I want to use
blender(of course).

Is there any interest of making an technical modifier or something like
that, which could simply give the length/angle between different edges? So
you can render a drawing, or render a view to get a drawing.

/ Patrik

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