[Bf-funboard] file protection for game

blendman blendman at free.fr
Thu Oct 19 08:42:18 CEST 2006

I have a question about protection, and especially for the Game.
Is there a way to protect a .blend file ?
The "protection" is required for a game society  to create a game with 
Blender (with the Blender Game Engine), and use the blenderpalyer as a 
player, for example.

If I want to sale a game made with Blender, and which use the gameblender 
engine, I have to protect these files (the .blend files), because a Runtime 
made with Blender is under the GNU license.
My game will be made with : the blenderplayer (to open the file) and the 
.blend files, textures, sounds

The method :
1) create all the object, meshs, animations with blender
2) create the "gameplay" with the logick brick /python scripts
3) create a main file, and "sub" files (for example : Main.blend, 
player.blend, ground.blend, enemy.blend). The Main.blend is in this example 
a file which contain only a camera.
4) I append all the mesh/objects from player;blend, ground.blend and 
enemy.blend to Main.blend (object/mesh are appended with the append/link 
(relative) feature )
5) run the game with the blenderplayer (with a .bat file which contain some
information like :
blenderplayer.exe  -p 10 10 800 600 -g -c Main.blend
This information is to open the Main;blend with the Blenderplayer, in a 
800X600 screen...

So my question is  :
is there a way to protect a .blend file ?
For example :
- We can't open the file or open with a password
- We can't append any object/mesh/scene/images.... or we can do that with a 

The Python solution seems not to be good, because we can append a file with 
a sort of python protection.

If it's not possible, the feature could be :
- add a password to a .blend file and the password could work with the 
append feature.

Or if you have a better idea, other solutions would be great :))

Thank your.

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