[Bf-funboard] Hard Delete

Campbell Barton cbarton at metavr.com
Tue Oct 10 08:38:29 CEST 2006

Karim Nassar wrote:
>> What would you call it? - I was thinking about the linux filesystem- 
>> soft-link and hard-link
>> But I dont mind- just the functionality would be good.
> How about "Global Delete," "Universal Delete," or "Delete All Instances."
> --Karim 
"Global Delete" sounds fine.

The other day I had a problem where I deleted an object before removing 
it from a group.
This is realy annoying because I cant work out how to get the objet out 
of the group since you cant access it from any scene and theres no way 
to add it back nito a scene so as to remove it from the group (Short of 

Matt, about a 'Trash' - what if arrange my size in the databrowser 
arranged by user count? - could be done in the Outliner also

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