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Karl Kühberger kuehberger at gmx.net
Wed Nov 22 07:08:23 CET 2006

Am 22.11.2006 um 02:34 schrieb Roger:

>>> I am teaching Blender to youngsters for some years now,
>>> and often they complain about the complexity of the software.
>>> What about a Blender Basic Version, which has only basic
>>> functionality in modelling and animation and which is very
>>> easy to overview. For example there could be in materials-menu
>>> only a simple color picker, specularity, reflection, ...
> Something I would like added is better control and on screen  
> display and manipulation of the 3
> lights in <System & OpenGL>
> There are many times I don't want to go through a tiresome process  
> of lighting a quick image.
> Its very difficult and time consuming to get lighting good for a  
> basic image that I dont want to
> render, just be able to look at and display to others, rotate and  
> modify on screen without the fixed
> in place render process.
> No matter where I draw a 3D image in 3D space I can't get the 3  
> standard lights to light the object
> where I want it.

Great idea!

> Have you considered what it is that the youngsters (and others)  
> find difficult.

Many of them are overwhelmed by the huge amount of buttons, sliders  
and so on.
In this jungle of buttons they don't see the "main"-buttons, the  
importants ones, means
they cannot play around and find out things by themselves, like in  
other programms.
And this can be quite frustrating for some kids.

> It's my belief that difficulty may be because of being used to a  
> windows  program and then finding
> the blender tools not easy to grasp.

Of course, this is true too!

> for example, my daughter is very very good at some windows 3D  and  
> graphics software and can't get
> to grips with Blender because the hot keys are needed to do what  
> the mouse does in windows
> software., Its neither good or bad, just an observation.
> I howerver can work at top speed in Blender and can't get to grips  
> with the way the windows software
> works.
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