[Bf-funboard] Blender Basic Version

Roger hovergo at net-tech.com.au
Wed Nov 22 02:34:56 CET 2006

>> I am teaching Blender to youngsters for some years now,
>> and often they complain about the complexity of the software.

>> What about a Blender Basic Version, which has only basic
>> functionality in modelling and animation and which is very
>> easy to overview. For example there could be in materials-menu
>> only a simple color picker, specularity, reflection, ...

Something I would like added is better control and on screen display and manipulation of the 3
lights in <System & OpenGL>
There are many times I don't want to go through a tiresome process of lighting a quick image.
Its very difficult and time consuming to get lighting good for a basic image that I dont want to
render, just be able to look at and display to others, rotate and modify on screen without the fixed
in place render process.
No matter where I draw a 3D image in 3D space I can't get the 3 standard lights to light the object
where I want it.

Have you considered what it is that the youngsters (and others) find difficult.

It's my belief that difficulty may be because of being used to a windows  program and then finding
the blender tools not easy to grasp.
for example, my daughter is very very good at some windows 3D  and graphics software and can't get
to grips with Blender because the hot keys are needed to do what the mouse does in windows
software., Its neither good or bad, just an observation.
I howerver can work at top speed in Blender and can't get to grips with the way the windows software

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