[Bf-funboard] Blender Movie Player ?

malefico andauer the3d_hut at yahoo.com.ar
Fri Nov 17 15:38:01 CET 2006


At Plumiferos we often need to play lots of OpenGL and
render animation previews. We specially need to go
back and fore one frame at a time to check certain
details. For this, Blender is great, nor VLC, nor
Mplayer let us have such a fine control over the video
However, when video has sound track, Blender plays
only video track (PLAY button or CTRL+F11) at least in
linux, so we are forced to use VLC or Mplayer when
sound is on video file. 

We were wondering about the possibility to have a 
Blender Movie Player which supports all formats
Blender supports, and have both the fine control and
audio playback the Sequence Editor or the  builtin
AnimPlayer have, letting you drag the timeline,
scrubbing audio, looping playback, etc. 

This wouldn't need to be a separate app at all, it
could be a command line option, so Blender could read
a video file and displays it without loading the whole
program, though it would be interesting as a separate
smaller app too.

Feedback on this will be apreciated !



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