[Bf-funboard] Hello, and transform

Jason van Gumster flaw at misaligned.net
Tue Nov 7 05:35:59 CET 2006


> > consitancy: manipulators default to user selected
> > transform space (  
> > global/local/normal/view) while other methods
> > default to global, with  
> > an option to go to user selected. Since global is
> > the the "default"  
> > anyway, I don't think it would be too bad to make
> > the other methods of  
> > initiating a transform behave like the manipulators
> > (user-selected is  
> > default).
> I'm all for consistency, but this would break a long
> history of transform constraint behaviors. If people
> agrees though, changing it is trivial.

I'd have to agree with Martin.  While consistency is good, the reason
(IMO) why it makes sense to have the manipulator in user selected
transform space while keeping the default set global is because with
the manipulator you have a visual reference to which transform space
that you're in.  With default behavior, there really is no such
indicator outside of the selection box.  I sense that changing this
would be a cause of great user frustration.  That's just a guess,

That's all I've got.



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