[Bf-funboard] Hello, and transform-modeling centric stuff

Bassam Kurdali bkurdali at freefactory.org
Tue Nov 7 03:21:56 CET 2006

> Indeed, you forgot the principal. Any of the
> previously mentioned transformation (rotate, scale,
> translate) uses per-data constraint when doing local
> axis constraining in Object Mode. Try it, it's fun
> (and underused).
well, but if you select multiple objects with different rotations,
there's no way to make them each use their own local y axis in one grab,
is there?
> > This would be nice to change for many situations:

> AFAIK, that's how it works right now already. I did a
> quick test and vertice from the start of a bone chain
> deformation selected with vertice from the end where
> transformed (translation) correctly.
> If you can create a counter example .blend file, I'd
> like to see it.

just did a test, and you're right, it works. the reason I didn't know is
that usually I have more than one bone influence per vert-if the points
have more than one bone influence; then each goes it's own (crazy) way.
doesn't seem to be a deep transform issue, more how crazy space gets
calculated. here's an example blend:
the two points at the "outside" behave fine, and have different (single
bone) weights, while the two in the middle have weights painted to both
bones, and misbehave.

> .
> Per bones you mean? Yes, that'd be nice and shouldn't
> be too hard (it's like per object local axis
> constraints really).


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