[Bf-funboard] Hello, and transform

Martin Poirier theeth at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 5 17:21:43 CET 2006


Thanks Bassam for starting this conversation, I hope
more people jump in.

--- bkurdali at freefactory.org wrote:

> consitancy: manipulators default to user selected
> transform space (  
> global/local/normal/view) while other methods
> default to global, with  
> an option to go to user selected. Since global is
> the the "default"  
> anyway, I don't think it would be too bad to make
> the other methods of  
> initiating a transform behave like the manipulators
> (user-selected is  
> default).

I'm all for consistency, but this would break a long
history of transform constraint behaviors. If people
agrees though, changing it is trivial.

> locking & default transform (bones only): bones on
> click drag do a  
> default transform with the following order of
> preference: location >  
> rotation. If the bone is a connected child, or it's
> locations are all  
> locked it rotates.
> 1- It would be nice to include scale in the equation
> 2- It would be good if object transform (at least as
> far as locking)  
> did the same
> 3- (Probably impossible) can transform take into
> account constraints too?

1- As a third choice when rotation is locked?

2- Could be done.

3- Depends on what you mean.

This bring up a couple of questions

A- How to deal with multiple selection? (use the most
restrictive selected "object" to choose the

B- I thought I had a B, but no... 

> locking and constraining:
> If rotation on X and Y are locked (for a bone) the
> default rotation  
> should go to a Z constrained rotation not a general
> rotation; the  
> current way forces you to constrain the rotation-
> this should at least  
> be the case if the user selected space of the
> rotation matches the  
> space of the locks, though arguably, once you've
> locked rotation in  
> this fashion you really are limiting the (useful)
> spaces one can  
> rotate in.

Could be done, but once again, how to deal with
multiple selection...


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