[Bf-funboard] Updated Feature Proposal - Automatic Snapping

alex alex at schnittenparadies.de
Sun Jan 29 22:04:50 CET 2006

On Sun, 29 Jan 2006, Chris Burt wrote:

> Normally I try not to be a spelling nazi on the mailing lists but since this 
> is the funboard.. here goes ;P

Really Chris. If *anyone* can be a Nazi here, it's me ;-)

> On a On-Topic note, the snapping features that you guys are discussing have 
> been something I've heard people complaining about ever since I started using 
> Blender, and its something that other pieces of software I've used have been

I have pretty usable 2D snapping code in dtpblender, though I'm not sure how
hard it would be to enhance that to 3D. It snaps between any combination of
boundboxes and object centers, and also along parallel 'continuations' of 

Here's DTPblender's transform.c:


(Especially look at snapObjects and its invocations)

alex at schnittenparadies.de

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