[Bf-funboard] Updated Feature Proposal - Automatic Snapping

Martin Poirier theeth at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 29 20:28:28 CET 2006

I think it's important to deconstruct snapping in
several component.
For exemple:

- Snapping Target (point, line, plane)
- Snapping Fit (center, closest)
- Snapping Method (basicly the same thing as a
transformation: rotate, translate, ... coupled with
possible constraints)

Once the building pieces are identified, it's a matter
of determining how they fit/cooperate together (the
interface between modules).

In the end, you can take any snapping target, fit and
method, stack them together and you're done.

This also means that once the interface (between
modules, not for users) are done, I can do a single
chain (for example: point, center, translation) and
then expand from there.

As far as the CAD snapping you mentioned goes, I'd
think they'd fit in there quite fine.

--- "Juan J. Peña M." <jjulio.pena at verizon.net.do>

> Martin, You are the man!
> Can you give out any details?  Will it include
> architecture/cad like 
> snapping (snap to center, to perpendicular, to
> tangent, to parallel, etc.) ?
> Martin Poirier escribió:
> >A snapping framework is on a the top of my To Do
> list.
> >
> >I can't promise any release date though.
> >
> >--- Bart <bart at neeneenee.de> wrote:
> >  
> >
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