[Bf-funboard] Idea: orbit around 3d icon

myselfhimself at free.fr myselfhimself at free.fr
Wed Jan 25 10:10:12 CET 2006


a work around might be : create an empty and deselect it. Select the object you
want to orbit around. Shift-S: Cursor->Selection. Deselect your object and
select your empty. Shift->S: Selection->Cursor and then every time you want to
orbit around the object's center precisely, just select the related empty and
orbit normally.

I wonder if I solved the problem..


Selon trip somewhere <trip0o at gmail.com>:

> We now have orbit around selected object,, GREAT! Except if the center
> is wacked or if your trying to view an area... There is the C key to
> center, good a little slow and hard to place sometimes, what if
> nothing was selected and it could auto orbit around the 3d cursor with
> out haveing to use C key.
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