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Campbell Barton cbarton at metavr.com
Mon Jan 23 02:10:47 CET 2006

Tom M wrote:
> One of the coders for BRLcad (its raytracer) is usually in
> blendercoders irc, and is the coder who wrote the Nurbana code.
> While I think full nurbs toolset, dimensioning, robust snapping and
> other CAD useful tools will be added to the core feature set (which
> would make Blender better suited for architectual previz, and
> industrial design previz)- I think a fork would probably be desired
> for more CAD specific features or alternatively make them an optional
> download and as some form of plugin system.
> LetterRip
Agree and disagree-
If somebody wants a cad package then its probably best theu go and use 
one. but there is a lot that can be done to improve blender for accurate 
model creation.
There have been blender cad projects but Im not sure they went anywhere?

The problem stems from the fact that blender hasnt yet hat its planned 
and much needed 'tools' cleanup. - Were running into problems where a 
tool cant be added because there is no place for it to go.
Weather a fork is required or not depends on how new cad like tools can 
be intergrated.
- But if somebody wants blender to be a cad application, I suppose they 
should fork.

Aside from Nurbs wich should be improved soon anyway- here are some 
projects that could improve Blenders cad like usefullness. These are in 
bite size chunks and even a smart non coder could probably make some 

* write a patch that imposes gridsize in more places-  (optional of course)
  - Print in transform stats, in all number buttons (would need to 
convert and un-convert between the gridsize)

* Add an option for grid subdivision- find the place in transform where 
Ctrl snaps to the grid, and the opengl calls that draw the grid.

* Add in option to number buttons to display as "Distance" buttons, 
these are passed by some bode that converts the number into a 
measurement. so the user can choose to work in ft in inches- suddenly 
all the buttons tagged as measurements will display this way.

* Fun one... I while ago I wrote blenders interactive python console. 
ever since I have wanted to write some kind of cad like command line 
macro language, but never had a real need for it.
  This could use pure python or have some kind of parser for the suntax 
(sometimes python has too much formatting for wasy command line stype input)
  you could do fun stuff like have a command.
        mv 10' 12" X     # To move 10ft and 12 inches on the x axis.
       cpmv 10.3cm VX    # Copy the object and move 10.3cm along the 
view X axis.
       rp 10      # Repeate the above action 10 times.

  - there is a console_autoexec.py created when you run the console. you 
can add in macro functions there if you wish, python only. the above 
functions would need to be passed and turned into somthing like.
      cpmv("10.3cm" getViewXVec())

Incase anyone isnt aware - you can type in numbers when in transform 
mode, and edges can display there widths, faces there angles and areas..

- Cambo

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