[Bf-funboard] What I would wish for...

Roger hovergo at net-tech.com.au
Mon Jan 23 01:02:48 CET 2006

Most interesting is that Blender started as a 3D modeling and animation 
system now seems to be heading in equal measure into CAD design and may 
eventually head toward fulll CAD-Cam.
Personally I have dropped away from Turbocad, 3DSmax, Solidworks and 
gone completely to Blender to do the 'Thought to Image' development 
work. Blender makes it so easy and increadibly fast that I sincerely 
wonder why the corporates haven't clicked onto the simpicity and started 
funding the Blender team in earnest.
I wish I understood Python, maybe I could help you people.

If I may make a suggestion please,
Is there anything in BRLcad that can be Blenderised or in some way 
fitted into the Blender system or viceversa.
BRLcad has the features being asked for and seems to have some fairly 
advanced features that eventually will be needed if Blender is to go the 
distance of a fully fledged truly 3D device, which I believe it will be 
in the near future.
Balistics Research Laboritories made BRLcad open source a few months ago 
so a marriage of convenience may assist.

Jean Montambeault wrote:

> Campbell Barton a écrit :
>> My point is that theres less reason to help a group your not a part 
>> of. Even if its nice to help others, you cant expect developers to do 
>> what you want- just because you think its worth having.
> Oh I'm expecting less and less from people these days and that's all 
> right.
>> I have invested quite a lot of money in sponsering Blender 
>> development, because I know developers wont of there own free will 
>> want to code some things. more money infact then 3dsmax or may would 
>> cost. - But I prefer to opensource development model and blender in 
>> general.
>> If I needed imperial support Id try and research a way to do it, find 
>> people who could code it- write up a proposal etc.
>> Contacet all the people in the professional blender users list and 
>> ask if they would fund development... ask developers to review the 
>> functionality- start a wiki.. whatever. - Theres a lot you can do to 
>> push a project ahead.
>> If it came to it- Id be happy to contribute some cash- because its a 
>> usefull feature- But its not something I realy need, so Im not going 
>> to code it or fund compleate development.
> That is very generous of you. I hope that it won't come to money 
> nevertheless as I still don't believe that this project is beneficial 
> to only a group of people but to Blender as it seeks to take its 
> rightful place on the market. Your comparing the use of the imperial 
> system to poor eye sight demonstrate a lack of understanding of what 
> the problem really is about I think. In any case I understand your 
> lack of interest.
> It shouldn't be that hard a feature to implement : after all it only 
> needs that a mean to define the number of subdivisions of a B.U. could 
> be set and access to that through Python. The rest could be done by 
> script, something I could manage...
>> So.... what are you waiting for! :)
> Usually not much when my schedule allows.
>> - Cam
> Thanks for the answer.
> Jean
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