[Bf-funboard] What I would wish for...

Jean Montambeault iaminnocent at videotron.ca
Sun Jan 22 08:24:25 CET 2006

Campbell Barton a écrit :
> My point is that theres less reason to help a group your not a part 
> of. Even if its nice to help others, you cant expect developers to do 
> what you want- just because you think its worth having.
Oh I'm expecting less and less from people these days and that's all right.
> I have invested quite a lot of money in sponsering Blender 
> development, because I know developers wont of there own free will 
> want to code some things. more money infact then 3dsmax or may would 
> cost. - But I prefer to opensource development model and blender in 
> general.
> If I needed imperial support Id try and research a way to do it, find 
> people who could code it- write up a proposal etc.
> Contacet all the people in the professional blender users list and ask 
> if they would fund development... ask developers to review the 
> functionality- start a wiki.. whatever. - Theres a lot you can do to 
> push a project ahead.
> If it came to it- Id be happy to contribute some cash- because its a 
> usefull feature- But its not something I realy need, so Im not going 
> to code it or fund compleate development.
That is very generous of you. I hope that it won't come to money 
nevertheless as I still don't believe that this project is beneficial to 
only a group of people but to Blender as it seeks to take its rightful 
place on the market. Your comparing the use of the imperial system to 
poor eye sight demonstrate a lack of understanding of what the problem 
really is about I think. In any case I understand your lack of interest.
It shouldn't be that hard a feature to implement : after all it only 
needs that a mean to define the number of subdivisions of a B.U. could 
be set and access to that through Python. The rest could be done by 
script, something I could manage...
> So.... what are you waiting for! :)
Usually not much when my schedule allows.
> - Cam
Thanks for the answer.


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