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Campbell Barton cbarton at metavr.com
Sun Jan 22 07:29:51 CET 2006

Jean Montambeault wrote:
> Campbell Barton a écrit :
>> You make a very good point, I dont think your indervidually idiots at 
>> all :)  - I personaly know both metric and imperial well enough.
>> A patch that could scale a grid (in a more general way then is 
>> currently implemented) and adjust the grid division would probably 
>> solve most peoples problems.
>> My negative knee jerk reaction probably comes from from so many posts 
>> from people saying "Why dosent Blender support Imperial any god 
>> design app should.... etc" - and since many blender developers are 
>> not American - ok lets say half for arguments sake, its not somthing 
>> that effects everyone.
>> Why should I spend my time writing a patch for people who use a 
>> different measurement system, Scratch your own itch! - that goes for 
>> Japanese as well as American. - or pay somebody to scratch it for 
>> you. -Make it a code bounty, since a lot of the people it effects are 
>> not coders.
> Look, I do not code, yet (but I will soon write some Python scripts) 
> but I write tutorials and documentation. Following your line of 
> reasoning, why should I bother ? I already know the stuff I'm writing 
> about : let the others scratch their own itch and learn by themselves, 
> God knows that I could use the time !
> So why you and me should take up of our precious time for things we 
> don't have to do ? Well, why not call it maturity ? We both live in a 
> world that'll be better if we unstick our noses from our... well, 
> let's say 'navels' shall we ? Even if in appearance documentalists are 
> helping people they don't need to, these persons in reality turn out 
> to become active participant in the Blender picture and are helping 
> everyone else in return this way and that way.
> You sir have already done a lot for Blender. Maybe it was just for 
> your enjoyement ? Really ? Each shot ?
> You have the competence to make something important happen, to make 
> Blender taken more seriously, something the lack of a good measument 
> system do not favor, it's an unavoidable fact. Grid adaptation would 
> be good even for metric users since it is not convenient that people 
> who have to share files work at different scales, let's say architects 
> and interior designers to give an example. With Verse coming up, this 
> becomes even more the case. By the same occasion, automatic adaptation 
> of certain parameters, like those of the lighting and camera (clipping 
> etc) would be a boon : it is at the moment very difficult to work on a 
> large scene where there are small objects or details.
> So that is why, IM(for once)HO.
> Most sincere regards,
> Jean
Hey Jean, going out of you way to help others is a worthy thing, and 
somthing we all do-
by way of a comparison,
I speak english, I write scripts and some help others that understand 
english. Say a person wants to use some of my scripts in there 
classroom, and they are teaching 3d at a brazillain school.
Of course I would do what I could to help that person, but I would not 
necessarly rewrite my script to support different languages, or try to 
translate the script. - Its up to the person who wants it.

In the same way- people who use imperial are a group of people, by 
adding in imperial support into blender, youd be mainly helping those 
people (as well as others who need to use there blueprints)
A bit like adding support for large text and icons would help mainly 
visually impared people.

My point is that theres less reason to help a group your not a part of. 
Even if its nice to help others, you cant expect developers to do what 
you want- just because you think its worth having.
I have invested quite a lot of money in sponsering Blender development, 
because I know developers wont of there own free will want to code some 
things. more money infact then 3dsmax or may would cost. - But I prefer 
to opensource development model and blender in general.
If I needed imperial support Id try and research a way to do it, find 
people who could code it- write up a proposal etc.
Contacet all the people in the professional blender users list and ask 
if they would fund development... ask developers to review the 
functionality- start a wiki.. whatever. - Theres a lot you can do to 
push a project ahead.

If it came to it- Id be happy to contribute some cash- because its a 
usefull feature- But its not something I realy need, so Im not going to 
code it or fund compleate development.

So.... what are you waiting for! :)

- Cam

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