[Bf-funboard] What I would wish for...

Jean Montambeault iaminnocent at videotron.ca
Sun Jan 22 06:27:57 CET 2006

Campbell Barton a écrit :
> You make a very good point, I dont think your indervidually idiots at 
> all :)  - I personaly know both metric and imperial well enough.
> A patch that could scale a grid (in a more general way then is 
> currently implemented) and adjust the grid division would probably 
> solve most peoples problems.
> My negative knee jerk reaction probably comes from from so many posts 
> from people saying "Why dosent Blender support Imperial any god design 
> app should.... etc" - and since many blender developers are not 
> American - ok lets say half for arguments sake, its not somthing that 
> effects everyone.
> Why should I spend my time writing a patch for people who use a 
> different measurement system, Scratch your own itch! - that goes for 
> Japanese as well as American. - or pay somebody to scratch it for you. 
> -Make it a code bounty, since a lot of the people it effects are not 
> coders.

Look, I do not code, yet (but I will soon write some Python scripts) but 
I write tutorials and documentation. Following your line of reasoning, 
why should I bother ? I already know the stuff I'm writing about : let 
the others scratch their own itch and learn by themselves, God knows 
that I could use the time !
So why you and me should take up of our precious time for things we 
don't have to do ? Well, why not call it maturity ? We both live in a 
world that'll be better if we unstick our noses from our... well, let's 
say 'navels' shall we ? Even if in appearance documentalists are helping 
people they don't need to, these persons in reality turn out to become 
active participant in the Blender picture and are helping everyone else 
in return this way and that way.
You sir have already done a lot for Blender. Maybe it was just for your 
enjoyement ? Really ? Each shot ?
You have the competence to make something important happen, to make 
Blender taken more seriously, something the lack of a good measument 
system do not favor, it's an unavoidable fact. Grid adaptation would be 
good even for metric users since it is not convenient that people who 
have to share files work at different scales, let's say architects and 
interior designers to give an example. With Verse coming up, this 
becomes even more the case. By the same occasion, automatic adaptation 
of certain parameters, like those of the lighting and camera (clipping 
etc) would be a boon : it is at the moment very difficult to work on a 
large scene where there are small objects or details.
So that is why, IM(for once)HO.

Most sincere regards,


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