[Bf-funboard] What I would wish for...

Chris Burt desoto at exenex.com
Sun Jan 22 02:50:07 CET 2006

It would indeed be nice if the grid changed to reflect the preferences 
of the user. I would prefer my grid units to be cut into 12ths for 
example because every foot is one inch. I'm working on a project right 
now where the silly imperial units I'm used to (and yes.. I'm American 
and I'll readily acknowledge its silly) don't work well for a grid split 
into 10ths. The reason users can't adopt the metric system is that in 
the United States, building materials and design standards are written 
in imperial units. If you present a design to an engineer, a 
manufacturer, or a common individual, they're not going to be able to 
visualize the metric system simply because that isn't what we're raised 
on or educated with. Its not because we're all idiots. If we'd started 
with the far-superior metric units, we'd all be just as well-versed in 
them as any other country which teaches them from infancy onward.

SO! Rather than dispute which system is better or which country has 
silly units, supporting a simple conversion system (which is really just 
multiplication obviously) would benefit everyone who uses blender just 
as much as offering international support for fonts and translations 
does. Its the EXACT same concept only with units instead of language. 
Not a big deal as far as I'm concerned. And a no-brainer as far as 
internationalization goes. Just my 2 cents.


Jean Montambeault wrote:
> Ed Halley a écrit :
>> Campbell Barton wrote:
>>> First of all, your not going to get 1.0 == 1ft. America is the only 
>>> country that still uses imperial and its an in-efficient system, not 
>>> even the American army use it.
>>> 1.0 as 1 metre is probably better. however it could be 1cm or 1km 
>>> depending on the scale your working.
>> You misinterpret the goal of the proposal.  It's not to say that 
>> definitively, everyone using Blender gets 1.0bu==1.0ft.  It would be 
>> preposterous to assume that everyone has the same preference for 
>> imperial or metric or klingon.
>> It is to say that the designer of the model MARK their .blend with 
>> THEIR units that THEY used when designing it.
> Actually what do you think of this : the author chooses a measurement 
> system and Blender *adapts* it's grid to it, so one could benefit of 
> that when modelling. Also this way the models would have real dimensions 
> and if you happened to open a metric model in your, let's say, imperial 
> set up it would measure the right amount of feet and inches, *no 
> conversion needed* ? Does it make sense ?
> Jean
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