[Bf-funboard] What I would wish for...

Jean Montambeault iaminnocent at videotron.ca
Sun Jan 22 01:48:11 CET 2006

Ed Halley a écrit :
> Campbell Barton wrote:
>> First of all, your not going to get 1.0 == 1ft. America is the only 
>> country that still uses imperial and its an in-efficient system, not 
>> even the American army use it.
>> 1.0 as 1 metre is probably better. however it could be 1cm or 1km 
>> depending on the scale your working.
> You misinterpret the goal of the proposal.  It's not to say that 
> definitively, everyone using Blender gets 1.0bu==1.0ft.  It would be 
> preposterous to assume that everyone has the same preference for 
> imperial or metric or klingon.
> It is to say that the designer of the model MARK their .blend with 
> THEIR units that THEY used when designing it.
Actually what do you think of this : the author chooses a measurement 
system and Blender *adapts* it's grid to it, so one could benefit of 
that when modelling. Also this way the models would have real dimensions 
and if you happened to open a metric model in your, let's say, imperial 
set up it would measure the right amount of feet and inches, *no 
conversion needed* ? Does it make sense ?


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