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You've all got a point I think that we should be able to set what scale we
want things as a user prefernce and I personally have no problem with metric
or imperial, being canadian I use both.

On 1/21/06, Ed Halley <ed at halley.cc> wrote:
> Campbell Barton wrote:
> > First of all, your not going to get 1.0 == 1ft. America is the only
> > country that still uses imperial and its an in-efficient system, not
> > even the American army use it.
> > 1.0 as 1 metre is probably better. however it could be 1cm or 1km
> > depending on the scale your working.
> You misinterpret the goal of the proposal.  It's not to say that
> definitively, everyone using Blender gets 1.0bu==1.0ft.  It would be
> preposterous to assume that everyone has the same preference for
> imperial or metric or klingon.
> It is to say that the designer of the model MARK their .blend with THEIR
> units that THEY used when designing it.
> You measure your way, I'll measure my way.  If I'm loading a model you
> built, I shouldn't have to get out the calculator to make your furniture
> fit my house.  A simple mechanism to assist that conversion would be
> simple to add to the loading mechanism.
> Japanese architects continue to use ancient (though now more
> standardized) units like shaku (foot-length), hito (two-arm-span), ata
> and tsuka (hand height, hand width), tatami (adult bed area), and
> others.  I don't care HOW archaic the system, if a number of Blender
> users throughout the world find a marking scheme to be useful for
> interoperability, it's only good for Blender as a whole.
> This proposal just lists symbolic constants built into a table somewhere
> for convenience sake.  Just as index-of-refraction tables would assist
> in selecting the proper material property for Amethyst or Water or
> Diamond.
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