[Bf-funboard] What I would wish for...

Ed Halley ed at halley.cc
Sun Jan 22 01:19:47 CET 2006

Campbell Barton wrote:
> First of all, your not going to get 1.0 == 1ft. America is the only 
> country that still uses imperial and its an in-efficient system, not 
> even the American army use it.
> 1.0 as 1 metre is probably better. however it could be 1cm or 1km 
> depending on the scale your working.

You misinterpret the goal of the proposal.  It's not to say that 
definitively, everyone using Blender gets 1.0bu==1.0ft.  It would be 
preposterous to assume that everyone has the same preference for 
imperial or metric or klingon.

It is to say that the designer of the model MARK their .blend with THEIR 
units that THEY used when designing it.

You measure your way, I'll measure my way.  If I'm loading a model you 
built, I shouldn't have to get out the calculator to make your furniture 
fit my house.  A simple mechanism to assist that conversion would be 
simple to add to the loading mechanism.

Japanese architects continue to use ancient (though now more 
standardized) units like shaku (foot-length), hito (two-arm-span), ata 
and tsuka (hand height, hand width), tatami (adult bed area), and 
others.  I don't care HOW archaic the system, if a number of Blender 
users throughout the world find a marking scheme to be useful for 
interoperability, it's only good for Blender as a whole.

This proposal just lists symbolic constants built into a table somewhere 
for convenience sake.  Just as index-of-refraction tables would assist 
in selecting the proper material property for Amethyst or Water or Diamond.

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