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from left to right, I name the different meshes : 1,2,3,4

remove doubles might not work as I want in every case (imagine you want to weld
vertices to other vertices except that their positions in space is so that just
welding according to a radius is not what we want). (see mesh 1)

Also remove doubles will "create" a new point  at the center of the two vertices
which is not always what we want(see mesh2 where you see the vertices that will
be "created". And compare with mesh3 and mesh4 where each time I moved one
vertex on top of another (to mean that I want to weld and have the "new" vertex
at that position)).

So remove doubles, is not in the case I have described a perfect solution (in
case you have many points from one side to weld to other points from another
side). Here using Cursor->Selection, Merge-At Cursor would work fine, but
that's  long to accomplish.

As an intermediate solution to that proposed by Ascilator, I'd reiterate that
need of having a snap tool (so that you can activate that snap tool (here it
would snap to vertex) and at the same time activate the remove doubles tool (it
would be applied every time we release the mouse or every time vertex collision
is detected)).

That resembles 3d studio max's weld target & snap tool way of welding.


Selon Nathan Letwory <jesterking at letwory.net>:

> This is a good place to use "remove doubles", when you have connection
> points with the same amount of vertices (or even uneven amount, then
> increase limit).
> /Nathan
> >> I just wish there was a much better way to merge vertices, instead of
> >> going
> >> on by one. If we could have a matching system where you could say, these
> >> vertices go togethor, these other ones go togethor... something where it
> >> wouldn't take half an hour just to connect a couple objects things.
> >
> > That was a pretty elaborate description of a wanted feature, I'd say! To
> > connect "a couple objects things" is my favourite - togeth0r with "THESE
> > vertices go togethor". Well, WHICH are THESE vertices? Can you explain in
> > more detail, please? :)
> >
> > alex at schnittenparadies.de
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