[Bf-funboard] Improving scaling and xyz keys

Martin Poirier theeth at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 17 16:12:05 CET 2006


--- juho.vepsalainen at fi.nu wrote:

> I have two proposals to make:
> 1st proposal:
> Currently when you are scaling, you can lock the
> scaling to
> an axis with x, y and z key. I propose v key added
> to the
> group. v key would be used so that when user hits
> it, the
> verts/object is scaled on the viewport axis'.
> Example:
> 1. The user selects some verts and hits s to scale.
> 2. The user hits v to scale in x-y axis'. (note: he
> is
> currently in the top view)

You can already do that, just select View from the
orientation dropdown in the 3D view header, then press
X, Y or Z twice.

> 2nd proposal:
> The current layout of x, y and z keys is not the
> easiest to
> use. I propose alternative solution for this problem
> to be
> added as an option to Blender. The solution is to
> move x, y
> and z to q, w and e buttons. (and to r if v
> mentioned in
> 1st proposal is used too) 
> If x, y and z axis were in q, w and e buttons, it
> would
> speed up the workflow because they would fit right
> under
> the fingers.

On that matter, Z, X, C would probably be best, you'd
just have to remember that C is Y, but that's a bit
silly anyway, X, Y and Z are already pretty easy to
hit with one hand and the correspondance is a good as
far as UI goes (try telling someone that Q,W,E is
X,Y,Z and watch them laugh).


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