[Bf-funboard] Improving scaling and xyz keys

juho.vepsalainen at fi.nu juho.vepsalainen at fi.nu
Tue Jan 17 15:36:13 CET 2006


I have two proposals to make:

1st proposal:
Currently when you are scaling, you can lock the scaling to
an axis with x, y and z key. I propose v key added to the
group. v key would be used so that when user hits it, the
verts/object is scaled on the viewport axis'.

1. The user selects some verts and hits s to scale.
2. The user hits v to scale in x-y axis'. (note: he is
currently in the top view)

2nd proposal:
The current layout of x, y and z keys is not the easiest to
use. I propose alternative solution for this problem to be
added as an option to Blender. The solution is to move x, y
and z to q, w and e buttons. (and to r if v mentioned in
1st proposal is used too) 
If x, y and z axis were in q, w and e buttons, it would
speed up the workflow because they would fit right under
the fingers.


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