[Bf-funboard] Using ONLY an Image's Alpha Channel

alex alex at schnittenparadies.de
Sun Jan 15 18:30:28 CET 2006

On Sun, 15 Jan 2006, Douglas Bischoff wrote:

> Hello, all!
> Looking for a shortcut to a two-step process.
> I'm familiar with how to use an image's alpha channel to make the background 
> color show through: this request has nothing to do with modifying IMAGE 
> alpha.
> What I'm trying to do is use the Alpha channel of an RGBA image to affect the 
> Alpha value of the texture (ZAlpha or RayAlpha, doesn't matter).
> Right now it seems the only way to do this is to save the Alpha channel of 
> the image as its own 8-bit grayscale file and apply THAT as a second Texture 
> channel. A faster way would be for the Image pane of the Texture panel to 
> have a new button called "OnlyAlpha" that ignores the RGB channels of the 
> image and loads the image's Alpha Channel ONLY.
> This would allow you to use the image to modify "Col" in one texture channel, 
> then load the same image file and select "Only Alpha" and use THAT to modify 
> "Alpha" so that the Col completely "cookie cutter's" out the faces its 
> applied to.

Urm, what about just turning off "Col" for the alpha-only channel? :D

alex at schnittenparadies.de

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