[Bf-funboard] What I would wish for...

Ed Halley ed at halley.cc
Mon Jan 9 02:25:38 CET 2006

Lars Hansson wrote:
> Is it possible to embed measuring units (such as metre, feet, inch, mile,
> kilometre, etc... ) for everything created?

I would also like to see this; it would just be an inert data flag when 
you are authoring a model, but when you are Appending a library model 
into your project, it could do the world-space conversion very easily.

                        1 inch
     1 Blender Unit = [ 1 foot : ]
                        1 yard
                        1 mile
                        0.001 meter (mm)
                        0.01 meter (cm)
                        0.1 meter
                        1 meter
                        10 meters
                        100 meters
                        1000 meters (km)

I think the best way to do the conversion easily is to parent all the 
Appended items as-is to a new Empty, and then give the Empty the 
appropriate scale conversion factor to match the current session's scale 

In fact, maybe it's just that each Empty has a "World Units" field, and 
they scale against the user's preferred world units automatically.

I have previously requested an ability to (1) load a number of objects 
automatically parented into a new Empty, and/or (2) load one object and 
have that object's children loaded with it.  Unit conversion is one good 
application of either request.

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