[Bf-funboard] dimensions

Roger hovergo at net-tech.com.au
Fri Feb 10 23:43:23 CET 2006

Dimensioning methods have been discussed of late and I would like to add 
my wish.
Blender already has edge length, angles and face area dimensioning which 
I use all the time, however I can have 50 and more short line segment 
lengths on an extruded and scaled nurbs curved surface  like a boat hull 
or aeroplane fuselage or wing and it's very difficult to see these among 
the other dimensions and add them to obtain a single total edge length 
or length of a few line segments between 2 points.
I can select particular line segments to obtain lengths and would love 
to be able to use to only 1 or 2 decimal points not 3.
My wish is to show the total length of a selected set of edge lengths 
and a total area of a selected number of faces.

did you know that at very large grid scales the camera and F12 render 
does not work.
I set up a very large drawing grid zoomed very far out and the inserted 
camera was so small that it was a dot, so I scaledthe camera up to a 
useable size but it doesn't render, F12 shows nothing in the render view.
Numpad 5 does not change between iso and normal - camers shows a 
microscope view.
I tried scaling down  the components to .5 and then .2 but still no render.
My tip for the day is to use the scale grid as it is when the initial 
start up cube, light and camera are displayed.


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