[Bf-funboard] Add Mesh / Optional Input of Size, Radius, ...

Karl Kühberger kuehberger at gmx.net
Wed Feb 8 12:59:43 CET 2006


I would like to suggest a new Feature to "Add Mesh"
(possibly to "Add Curve", "Add Surface", ... too):

If I add a new object now, I have no possibility to define
its size. For example: When I need a wall, I add a Cube
and then change its x-, y-, z-dimension wheter in N-Menu
or using the scale widget.

Mostly I know the dimension of an object before adding it,
so it would be much faster to get a dialogue after adding
the object, which allows to enter size x, y, z or radius etc.
depending on the kind of primitive.

For some primitives Blender already asks for the number
of segments or vertices. I think it would be easy to add
inputs for size. And in the case, you don't know the right
size when adding the object, there could be a standard-input,
then you just press the ok-button.

What do you think about the idea?


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