[Bf-funboard] 3 Seperate Clipboards :(

Jonathan Schroder myselfhimself at free.fr
Thu Mar 31 20:22:59 CEST 2005

And it would also be cool to be able to read the text from "see console"
when there are errors in python programs (blender doesn't launch with
the console open by default on linux, and it is not the first thing we
think about creating shortcuts for the executable)

On Wed, 2005-03-30 at 19:51 +1000, Luke Wenke wrote: 

>I think the blender clipboard should be unified with the OS clipboard as 
>well so that instead of 3 clipboards you'd have one.
>In 2003 I mentioned this here:
>"Currently to cut, copy and paste text within Blender, you use the obvious
>hotkeys: ctrl-x, ctrl-c, and ctrl-v."
>"But to copy and paste text between Blender and the windows clipboard, the
>hotkeys are ctrl-shift-C and alt-shift-C for copy (2 different hotkeys) and
>ctrl-shift-v for paste."
>I then went on to explain a solution. I also mentioned some related issues, 
>but I'm not sure if they're still relevant.
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>From: "Campbell Barton" <cbarton at metavr.com>
>> A problem at the moment is there are currently 3 clipboards - Os System / 
>> Blender Text editor / Blenders new UI
>> Would be good if we could somehow unify the last 2 since having 2 cut 
>> buffers in the 1 app seems odd. 
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