[Bf-funboard] RE: Three Features

levon hudson levonh at internode.on.net
Tue Mar 15 12:24:02 CET 2005

this mailing list is more aimed at people saying how they will impliment 
new features, not requesting them.
the coders are normaly too busy to take coding requests, so unless you 
are able to code them yourself there will not be much chance of them 
getting into blender anytime soon.

>I have three ideas for features.
>*The first, which may have already been suggested, is editing the 
>properties of all selected items simultaneously.  I find it annoying to 
>have to, for instance, keep having to go back and forth between 
>selecting objects and choosing a material.  Also, I find this annoying 
>with selecting face properties for the game feature.  It takes a long 
>time to manually set each face to use lighting.
>*The second, which is an idea I find exciting, would be to be able to 
>dynamically define additional properties for vertices, edges, faces, 
>meshes, objects, empties, etc.  These new properties can be accessible 
>through python scripting and they can be saved in the .blend file to 
>retain the data.  The properties should be able to be created, deleted, 
>and modified by python.
>For instance, the user interface design could be similar to the 
>following diagram:
>+----------------------------+-+  +-----------------+  +---+
>| Pop-down of property names |V|  | Property value  |  | X |
>+----------------------------+-+  +-----------------+  +---+
>+----------------------------------+  +------------------+-+
>| Name: (to change property name)  |  | Type Pop-down    |V|
>+----------------------------------+  +------------------+-+
>The types of properties can be (although not limited to): Integer, 
>Float, Text, Toggle.
>This can allow for additional data (mass, length of fur, stiffness, etc) 
>to be created and used when needed, while providing an easy to edit 
>interface during, for instance, mesh editing.  This can provide a more 
>rapid expansion of Blender's features without them needing to be 
>hard-coded into Blender itself.
>*The third is to allow python to do post-production on the rendered 
>image, per render.  For instance, one could use Python to edit the image 
>data by applying an artistic paint brush effect to each frame of an 
>animation.  Perhaps python scripts could also be linked into other parts 
>of the render pipe-line (shaders perhaps).

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