[Bf-funboard] Transform-refractor feature request

joeedh joeeagar at prodigy.net
Mon Mar 14 02:02:00 CET 2005

zippy wrote:

> Hey theeth while your at the construction of this new mesh I have a 
> feature request.
> Much like this vid 
> http://www.luxology.com/modo/102/video/102-ElementFalloffDistance1.aspx 
> , can you give an option to O keys purpotional edit a fall off of only 
> the mesh connected to the affected mesh, So example is moveing a 
> finger todays method will move anything else in the radius of that 
> mesh but with this feature it would only move the connected mesh 
> untill the radius is larger that the entire area of conected mesh....
> So another example would be folding a grid and grabbing one end and 
> pulling....
> _

This isn't a very hard thing to do with HE mesh (the wonders of 
recursive programming ;) ) however, the normal mesh structure may have a 
little bit more difficulty. . .

This idea has been discussed before in irc, and I think that theeth 
plans to do it, at least for normal mesh (HE mesh would be my 
responsibility).  not really sure though.


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