[Bf-funboard] a redo key shortcut

joeedh joeeagar at prodigy.net
Mon Mar 14 00:32:37 CET 2005

frédéric van der essen wrote:

> joeedh wrote:
>> frédéric van der essen wrote:
>>> that would be excellent, but the second solution don't work for the 
>>> 'instantaneous actions' like subdivde, merge, remove double, etc... 
>>> that's why i would prefer a  redo tool :)
>>> But whitch key is still available ? not many...
>>> maybe a mouse gesture ?
Right now I have it set as an entry in the WKEY menu.  How it works is 
that you enter into a sortof "tool repeater" mode, where when you drag 
you can increase or decrease the number of repeats, usually maxing out 
at 10.

Sortof similar to modo's tool handles, although not really the same 
thing.  I made this because I've always wanted to be able to have this 
sort of thing for extrude and smooth, both of which are highly 
repetitive things.


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