[Bf-funboard] a redo key shortcut

frédéric van der essen fred at mentalwarp.com
Sun Mar 13 23:25:13 CET 2005

I'm not really for removing z. I use Z about every 10sec to see the 
state of my geometry :)
but, "Q" has the same functions as "Ctrl+Q" this shorctut is often in my 
way when i want to tab and each times it scares me :) (I know the 
autosave but i don't want to loose my undo stack)

Anyway a thing like that would allow us to rest our fingers a bit  :)

Jonathan Schroder wrote:

>francais :) moi aussi)
>i was writing this when i realised that you had sent another mail about
>macros... So this is more of a pro-macro kind of thing.
>I didn't expect to get such good feedback in fact : )
>I think that the "redo last action" command could go hand in hand with
>the in-development macro system(it would be a "special" built-in action
>accessible when the macro system is activated and one has ticked for
>And by default **reading blender's hotkey reference**, Z is the only key
>I see which could be chosen for the "redo" action. (as you know Z lets
>you switch draw type from solid to wireframe and vice-versa, which can
>be done by clicking through the D menu).
>Implementing the redo action in the macro system would allow us to keep
>the Z and D shortcuts in non-macro mode.
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