[Bf-funboard] a redo key shortcut

frédéric van der essen fred at mentalwarp.com
Sun Mar 13 16:32:29 CET 2005

that would be excellent, but the second solution don't work for the 
'instantaneous actions' like subdivde, merge, remove double, etc... 
that's why i would prefer a  redo tool :)
But whitch key is still available ? not many...
maybe a mouse gesture ?

Jonathan Schroder wrote:

>hi all
>I'm realising that having to do ctrl+e+click several times to rotate an
>edge the proper way (have to try it 2-3 times to decide what's the best
>orientation) is a bit difficult.
>Also, I've realised that pressing E+clic several times when doing
>successive extrusions is annoying.
>Hence I would propose either of these (i prefer the second one):
>-a new shortcut(no alt/ctrl-thing.. just a letter to press) which does
>the last action again (the command's name would be "redo")
>-a tickable option which makes that every (or chosen) action in edit
>mode is repeated indefinitely until one right-clicks(ex: keep extruding
>until one presses right button)
>Hasn't this already been issued?
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