[Bf-funboard] Feature Request: 3D Window locked on Active Object

malefico andauer the3d_hut at yahoo.com.ar
Mon Aug 22 01:31:47 CEST 2005


When dealing with many characters walking around, it's
sometimes desirable to 
be able to quickly check facial expression, or another
corporal gesture 
all the time during animation playback.

For this purpose, it would be extremely useful to be
able to have a 3D view 
permanently centered on our character/object, as it
would be with the "." key,
 no matter what traslations the character/object might

It would be like having the view from a camera
parented to the character/
object, but with the advantage of letting you
manipulate the view around 
the character. 
Orbiting around object should work exactly the same
way as it does during 
animation playback, so the animator could rotate the
view around the 
moving object to check evey aspect of it.

A 3D window set like this would work like a constant
monitoring of the selected object.

Suggested workflow is like this:

- Mouse over desired 3D window
- Select object to be monitored.
- Click on 3D window special button to lock view on
selected (active) object. Alternatively, it could be
used the View Properties panel to type in the name of
the object to be monitored in this particular 3D

Perhaps it might be easy to code this in Python,
though I believe it would be easier to use as a
built-in feature.




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