[Bf-funboard] UV mapping per texture channel or IM name

Bart bart at neeneenee.de
Thu Aug 18 17:55:16 CEST 2005

Hello Brecht,

thanx for your reply, all the coming stuff sounds great.

>  > The view behaviors 'C' for center (Active Face Select better
>  > using 'Alt+B') view and 'Numpad ,' for zoom selected are
>  > missing too.
> C centres the view around the cursor in the 3d view, but there
> is no cursor in the UV editor. 'View Selected' and 'View All'
> were added in 2.37.

Right, forget to delete this old comments.

>  > A command to clear unused images from the image list
>  > (dropdown at the header bar) would be useful too.
> This is not going to happen. Not because it is a bad feature,
> but because there is a technical  issue: datablocks are only
> deleted on save/reload. I can't get around that.

Bad but can understand the problem. Nothing is perfect ;)

>  > A command 'Delete UV Coordionates' with shortcut 'X'
>  > would be fine, like you would press 'TexFace Delete' button
>  > at 'Editing' in panel Mesh.
> I don't see how this is that useful, or even consistent with the
> behaviour of the X key in other modes. X key deletes what
> you have selected, this would only add confusion in my opinion.

Sometimes when using materials in the button window and have the UV 
image editor open and using UV Face select i wish a short way deleting 
UV coords. May not X key

>  > The Data Browse and the image selection dropdown
>  > should be sorted by name!
> Agreed.

Cool Thanx!

>  > Using SubSurf it would be great if UV/Image Editor
>  > showing the Subsurf  mesh too and not just the original
>  > low poly mesh. So you don't need not convert SubSurf
>  > to mesh to be able to mapping the object via UV/Image Editor.
> Subsurf will be integrated much better. In fact, zr just committed
> what you requested a few hours ago :).


>  > What is needed too is the possibility to have UV coordinates
>  > per texture channel (and not global). I would suggest that the
>  > UV coordinates should belong to the IM name of an image
> There will be multiple uv coordinate channels. But attaching
> them to an image would be a bad idea because images are
> used also for other things than uv mapping, and you might
> want to share uv coords for different textures/images.
> Instead, there will probably be a list of uv channels for each
> mesh.

My idea was that uv coords belong to the IM name not to the name of the 
image itself. But if there will be another way cool!

>  > the possibilty for texture repeating when using UV coords
>  > (an intresting features for exporters in other formats too).
> I don't get this one. The texture repeats by default already?
With repeating i was thinking in the way of tiling a texture
like the "scale" option of X3D standard:

> Bart wrote:
>> I updated my feature proposal about the need of UV mapping per texture 
>> channel or IM name (not global):
>> http://www.neeneenee.de/blender/features/#23
>> and some cosmetics about the UV/ Image Editor:
>> http://www.neeneenee.de/blender/features/#5
>> Karamba!
>> Bart.
>> Blender Feature Proposal:
>> http://www.neeneenee.de/blender/features/
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