[Bf-funboard] Re: Fake Area-Lights

GSR gsr.b3d at infernal-iceberg.com
Tue Aug 16 16:40:26 CEST 2005

cbarton at metavr.com (2005-08-16 at 1303.55 +1000):
> Just copying the light isnt that usefull, you have the problem that 
> there now many objects, not as easy to move at once etc.

Dupliverts does not let you move the objects, you move the parent
mesh. And tweak one lamp.
> Also a fake area light needs to have the energy of each light devided by 
> the number of lights. So its a bit annoying to manually adjust.

In this you have a point.

> Of course its the same thing, but users who want area lights will add 
> them and get slow renders, why not allow them to click on a button that 
> does all the the copying etc in the render initializer?

It is finding a interface that matches the lamp (you really want to
see shadow buffer ranges, otherwise it is a PITA, and probably why
raytraced ones were added quickly, no range problems) and then add the


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