[Bf-funboard] Fake Area-Lights

jmsoler at free.fr jmsoler at free.fr
Tue Aug 16 01:07:25 CEST 2005

Selon Arne Schmitz <arne.schmitz at mmweg.rwth-aachen.de>:

> Am Montag, 15. August 2005 17:53 schrieb Konrad Haenel:
> > Fake area-lights using arrays of shadow-mapped spotlights
> >
> > preface: Before area-lights became widely available it was a common
> > technique to cluster an array of shadow-mapped spotlights to simulate
> > soft-shadows. Though this method has clear limitations it works
> > surprisingly well in many situations. At the same time it often greatly
> > reduces rendering-time compared to real raytraced area-lights.
> Couldn't that be done by some Python script?

There is a script to copy a lamp to each vertex of a mesh :

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