[Bf-funboard] Feature proposal Updated

alex alex at schnittenparadies.de
Thu Aug 4 00:30:18 CEST 2005

On Thu, 4 Aug 2005, Bart wrote:

> I realized i forget the material panel, so one more picture for this:
> Cleaner interface and better color picker
> http://www.neeneenee.de/blender/features/#24

A quick glance at the proposals and a few comments:

- Advanced Loop Subdivide:

   Is now in CVS

- Solidify Function:

   Has always been possible since the improved shrink/fatten function of the
   new transform. E, Region, immediately Escape, ALT-S to specify the thickness

- Save files compressed:

   Is in CVS

- Radiosity Texture Baking:

   Theeth (Martin Piorier) is working on it and got it almost working. In
   current CVS, Radiosity already preserved UV coordinates now.

alex at schnittenparadies.de

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