[Bf-funboard] Additional Primatives

Garth Williamson bobthevirus at orcon.net.nz
Tue Oct 26 09:41:01 CEST 2004

Quick and dirtily: This would possibly be best implemented as part of a 
volumetric texture system, usful also for hair, water in glasses, fur, 
etc. Of course, It is up to the coders how much work they wish to take 
on (-:


J L wrote:
> Hi,
> I know that this can already be done by using a few existing Blender 
> functions and/or Python scripts.
> Grass Primative:
> This primative cannot be change shape during the course of animation. It 
> is manipulated like a mesh (vertices in places can be moved to create 
> mounds, etc.), however extrude and scale cannot be used. Instead of 
> tweaking particle settings, it would have several editable settings 
> concerning the length and density of the 'grass'. Also, the grass will 
> be placed as if they were on an infinite plane, so that only one blob of 
> grass would be needed (although a restrict size setting would also be 
> needed).   The benefits of this would be that the user could just use 
> this if they wanted grass with little waiting time, and without the 
> trouble of customising particles.
> Aligorith
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