[Bf-funboard] Forgotten Interface Item

Daniel Fairhead madprof at uk2.net
Tue Oct 26 09:23:26 CEST 2004


> I've just been looking around at the Blender window types and found that the 
> 'Image Browser' function seems to have been neglected. Is it still needed 
> these days? If so, shouldn't its interface/how it looks should be updated to 
> fit with the rest of Blender.

The Image Browser was always buggy. It never coped so well with image-collection
animations, and with certain types of file-formats. Because it was causing crashes
and such, all of the buttons used to make it come up were taken away (which also
helped with the interface cleanup elsewhere) and if you ctrl-click on a file-browser
button, it should bring it up (for selecting image- files, that is). It would be very
nice to have working again, updated and current and all that, but lack of time/motivation
is an issue (/me looks very guilty and hides under the table).


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