[Bf-funboard] Additional Primatives

J L aligorith at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 26 08:32:46 CEST 2004


I know that this can already be done by using a few existing Blender 
functions and/or Python scripts.

Grass Primative:
This primative cannot be change shape during the course of animation. It is 
manipulated like a mesh (vertices in places can be moved to create mounds, 
etc.), however extrude and scale cannot be used. Instead of tweaking 
particle settings, it would have several editable settings concerning the 
length and density of the 'grass'. Also, the grass will be placed as if they 
were on an infinite plane, so that only one blob of grass would be needed 
(although a restrict size setting would also be needed).   The benefits of 
this would be that the user could just use this if they wanted grass with 
little waiting time, and without the trouble of customising particles.


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