[Bf-funboard] cutouts and premade objects for blender

car trip at spymac.com
Mon Oct 25 22:35:38 CEST 2004

> Blender's file format is designed to be more a library, so a new file
> format wouldn't be necessary. The append dialogue could be a bit more
> usable and functional.
I second that. A preview would be nice like some other 3d viewers.

> I'm not sure the idea of using other peoples
> models is a great idea. For previs/cad it's understandable, and
> textures maybe. But the heart of every scene lies in the style you
> apply to it through your own models, materials, lighting and
> texturing. I fear people could take dozens of models and premade
> lighting setups and jam them together and then call it "art" like it's
> something they're proud of.
> It can be useful, but also dangerous. As a learning tool, or
> collaberation tool I can see it working.

The is no real way to avoid crap, but some basic premade box models 
with loops already added in would help a lot in just 'starting from 
scratch' mode.

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