[Bf-funboard] cutouts and premade objects for blender

Konrad Haenel public at konrad-haenel.de
Mon Oct 25 13:29:55 CEST 2004

I've been thinking a lot about a repository for Blender-models / 
materials etc. with a flexible license-system. The idea would be that 
artists could upload their models and select a license from a choice of 
premade licenses to add to them (like "public domain", "open content 
license", even commercial licenses etc.). Add in some rating system a 
good searchability and this might become on of the hotspots of 

By adding a shopping-system to this it might be an alternative to sites 
like turbosquid revolving exclusively around blender, something I could 
really use.

Tom Musgrove wrote:

> A lot of 3d, cad, and 'previz' tools have premade objects, cutouts, 
> etc. to save users time so that they can spend their creative energys 
> on stuff that is more central to their design.
> I was thinking that we might encourage contribituions of useful 
> objects by perhaps offering rewards of coder time in exchange for 
> donated works.
> Ie some things that it would be worthwhile to have artists contribute 
> to would be morph targets for makehuman, as well as new morph objects 
> (such as dogs, etc.), settings for interesting and useful textures.  
> Furniture and assorted mundane housing items, trees and bushes, 
> flowers, and assorted exterior items, cars and assorted vehicles.
> Perhaps set up some sort of karma point system or such and then the 
> artist assigns the karma points to tools and ideas that they would 
> like implemented.  Similarly the coder who accomplishes the project 
> could assign the karma to either other coding projects they are 
> interested in or to art work they would be interested in having done.
> As long as all contributions are of an 'open' license nature, then I 
> think it could be a win win all around.
> Do you think this would be worthwhile to do?
> Tom M.
> LetterRip
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