[Bf-funboard] cutouts and premade objects for blender

Tom Musgrove tommusgrove__ at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 25 09:33:33 CEST 2004

A lot of 3d, cad, and 'previz' tools have premade objects, cutouts, etc. to 
save users time so that they can spend their creative energys on stuff that 
is more central to their design.

I was thinking that we might encourage contribituions of useful objects by 
perhaps offering rewards of coder time in exchange for donated works.

Ie some things that it would be worthwhile to have artists contribute to 
would be morph targets for makehuman, as well as new morph objects (such as 
dogs, etc.), settings for interesting and useful textures.  Furniture and 
assorted mundane housing items, trees and bushes, flowers, and assorted 
exterior items, cars and assorted vehicles.

Perhaps set up some sort of karma point system or such and then the artist 
assigns the karma points to tools and ideas that they would like 
implemented.  Similarly the coder who accomplishes the project could assign 
the karma to either other coding projects they are interested in or to art 
work they would be interested in having done.

As long as all contributions are of an 'open' license nature, then I think 
it could be a win win all around.

Do you think this would be worthwhile to do?

Tom M.

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