[Bf-funboard] Food for thought: lower subsurf subdiv value during transform?

Konrad Haenel public at konrad-haenel.de
Wed Oct 20 04:28:56 CEST 2004

This sounds really good. I'm using subsurfs a lot and this might be 
another step towards what I call "realtime-workflow" (don't I just love 

And while we're at it: if subsurf-levels can be changed on the fly, why 
not link this behaviour to something else like, ...hmmm... , distance 
from camera? Wouldn't that be level-of-detail on subsurf-objects?

If implemented on the rendering-stage as well this would be really cool 
for animatics (preview-renderings) which I have to do quite often.

More flexibility on subsurfs might lead to many interesting 
improvements, keep it up!

joeedh wrote:

> [oops, sent this to wrong list first]
> Hi.  While I was doing some stuff of the new transform code (which, I am
> happy to report, I have managed to implement a scaling function that
> works 95% exactly the way it does now), I thought of an idea:  Lower the
> subdiv value of subsurfs doing transformations.
> I quickly hacked in the new transform() code something that did just
> that, and it seems to work pretty well.  This is especially well suited
> for if you are making spikey objects with individual face extrude (my
> favorite tool, that's why I wrote it), since usually a subdiv level of 1
> isn't enough but anything higher then that will lag during 
> transformations.
> I think it should work as thus:
> 1) The user enables Lower Subdivide in the global info settings.
> 2) The user sets the amount, or presses Automatic which will do it based
> on mesh vert count/
> 3) When the user does any kind of transformation, the subdiv level is
> lowered.
> joeedh
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