[Bf-funboard] idea for working with ultrahigh poly mesh in realtime

Konrad Haenel public at konrad-haenel.de
Mon Oct 18 13:06:42 CEST 2004

As I recently had to handle a model with an enormous face-count I'd have 
liked to have this feature. This would be even more interesting for 
previewing animations of complex models and scenes where 
realtime-display is all important.

Tom Musgrove wrote:

> could we do the following
> 1) create a low poly representation of the mesh (using decimate for 
> instance)- this is used for rotation, scaling etc. - say 20000 
> polygons or so, something that blender can handle easily.
> 2) have face bins based on x,y, normal
> based on what part of the model is visible, we retrieve the associated 
> face bins and display them once the model is static again (during 
> rotations we are only operating on the low poly model). On a save, the 
> face bin data is translated to the original mesh.
> I think this might open the door for utterly huge models with real 
> time interaction on even humble computers.
> What do you think?
> Tom M.
> LetterRip
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