[Bf-funboard] "Magnetical" objects

Mag. Karl Kühberger kuehberger at gmx.net
Fri Nov 19 12:16:00 CET 2004

I am teaching Blender in school and to adults (art teachers) too,
though I am far away of being perfect in Blender.
One of the main questions and source of errors is the inability
of Blender to make objects "magnetical". Okay, the "N"-feature
and snap-menu are very good and usefull, but Blender would be
much better with a magnetical option to switch on/off.
In the snap-menu it is only possible to snap to cursor, median point
and grid, but what many users would like is to move an object beside
another, so that faces or edges of the objects attracts each other, like
magnets. I imagine a function with a slider to define the distance of
magnetism to work, or how strong the attraction is.
if there is already a magnetic-function in blender, please tell me!


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